Spiceventure is Born

This is where it all began back in 1985
This is where it all began back in 1985

Joe and Chanthip Antonaccio have been inseparable partners in the food business for over 30 years. We both understand how to bring delicious quality Southeast Asian foods to lovers of this magnificent cuisine. From grocery stores to USDA manufacturing, restaurants to catering we have done it all. We never tire of seeing the smiles on our customers faces when they are served morsels of food made by either Chanthip or myself.

Our reputation as founders of the “original” Southeast Asian Restaurant, in Lowell, MA is legendary. We enjoyed the company of several hundred thousands of guests over a 22 year time frame. Since selling the restaurant in 2005 I have received countless emails from our loyal customers expressing great regret and that they miss the great tastes we once offered. I have good news for those that frequented our old restaurant, we are coming back.

Our new name will be Spiceventure which is a word fully representative of our goal: To provide our customers an adventure with spices.

Recently,  we have discovered an untapped opportunity amongst the South Asian (Indian) immigrant population. They love Biryani. I have made it a specific goal to make the absolute best Biryani available anywhere within driving distance of Lowell. To date, after having made Biryani, several dozen times, I am getting comments that it exceeds the quality of any Biryani made in any Indian restaurant within the surrounding area. Our plan is to cater to any Indian party and deliver the best Biryani they have ever tasted. We also want to cater to the needs of over 7000 students attending the University of Massachusetts in Lowell by providing truly quality ethnic Asian cuisine.

But Biryani alone does not make a business. So we will unleash our legendary and ever popular fare of Southeast Asian foods: Thai, Lao, Cambodian, and Vietnamese and we will do it in a unique way in the city of Lowell.

We want to be Lowells first Mobile Kitchen on Wheels, but we need your help and support. Our plan is to be up and running by early spring 2014. We have loads of work to do and need your support. You can help us by donating to our Kickstarter project.