May 26, 2015 Belvidere Street 12 Noon to 1:45 PM

Chicken Tikka Kabob – Kabobs with marinaded Halal chicken thighs, red and green Bell pepper, tomato, onion threaded on a bbq skewer. Served with white rice and our own Mint, Coriander chutney.

Phad King Mhu – Red and Green Bell Pepper, onions and loads of slivered ginger.. served over white rice… ohh so refreshing

Phad Thai – Rice stick stir fried with onions and bean sprouts.

Lao Sausage with Sticky Rice and Lao Salsa – We Make our own Sausage and serve it with Lao Salsa and Sticky Rice.

Salad (Chicken or Tofu Cambodian Salad) with herbs, cabbage, bell pepper, bean thread served with out own sauce and peanuts

Beef Stick
Egg Roll
Crab Rangoon
Chicken Dumpling