2/16/18 We’re having a bad week. Sorry Lexington No Service today

Having a bad week. Sorry Lexington service looks canceled today… Yesterday was a flat tire. Today, my helper’s car won’t start so I am gonna have to run service solo. And now the generator won’t even start. Still dead after propane refueling. On to of that my rear roll up door is now stuck 1/4 of the way open and won’t close!! What else can go wrong?

Sorry Boston, No Service Flat Tire on Highway

At around 10:15 today, we were on our way to Boston City Hall plaza for lunch service today and making good time. As we got off of Route 3 in Burlington we caught a flat and are now stuck on the highway. We’re in the breakdown lane waiting for our Fleet Maintenance team to arrive and get us back on the road. By that time much service will be over so we are cancelling today’s Boston lunch service. We have our hazard cones out to let drivers know to watch out in the breakdown lane. We just saw a driver pull into the breakdown lane inside our hazard cones and not realizing she’s not in a driving lane just ten feet of the truck….

We’ll try to keep everyone updated as things progress. Hopefully no one will come crashing into us while we’re waiting for Lowell Fleet.