A very difficult post delayed…

This is a post long delayed because I didn’t know what to say at first. I’ve put it off way too long because of that, so I’ve decided to speak from off the cuff. Some of our fans may have noticed that things aren’t the usual with the Spiceventure food truck and service has been sporadic or non-existent. Some of you know my father Joseph, he’s the reason I built the Spiceventure food truck. All the labor I’ve put into this project was mostly all in part for my father and for keeping intact the small personal legacy he’s built over the past few decades on a passion of exotic foods. In April, he suffered from a serious heart attack which would subsequently lead to a debilitating series of stroke. The severity of his stroke had his doctors believe that recovery would be very limited as his entire left body fell under a paralysis and his speech became limited to just single word responses.

Today, after nearly three months of therapy, he’s still wheelchair bound but he’s regained motion to his left body and speech has vastly improved. His recovery has been slowly improving but not without it’s own complications. Just recently readmitted last week for complications of the heart brought us a short term set back but he has returned home. During the difficult past few months up until the present my one focus has been to provide the best opportunity of care and recovery under our means. I’ve had to make his home accessible for his condition in short time. I’ve had to stay at his side tending almost 24/7 to tend to the majority of his needs that I hope one day will have him walking on his own. The goal’s always aimed sharply at him regaining his independence.

This major shift in life priorities goes to hopefully explain a little with where Spiceventure is currently at. We are down, but we’re not out. So, please bare in mind I do have some apologizes to share with fans for not being completely open sooner in these hardships Spiceventure faces at the moment. But, I thought I owe it to everyone who’s been thus far so supportive in keeping an old man’s passion for foods he loves lit in this dark time for us.

Sincerely yours,

Sam, Joseph, Chanthip and Rose

Friday the 13th in Lexington!

We’ve had a really long run of bad luck all this season (more details to follow in a future post). This Friday the 13 could just be more bad luck added to our string of post misfortunes. Looks like we’re already running behind for service in Lexington today, but not sure. But maybe we get in exactly 11:30 for lunch and maybe it might be just the right amount of small bad luck that it tips the scales and reverses our little horror show of a season so far! We’ll keep you updated and post again as soon as we are on the road to 101 Hartwell Ave. It’s the usual on the menu today, Pad Thai, Yellow Noodles and Spicy Thai Chicken Basil plus the fingerfoods.